Policy Advocacy & System Design

With our carefully planned advocacy drives rooted in the programmatic evidence, we make substantial cases for policies and system designs to influence the actions of government, policy makers, civil societies, educators, journalists, private sector and the community at large, to establish an inclusive society.


Capacity Building & Efficient Delivery

RightWalk builds capacity and trains in support of policies and programs that further the broader objectives and goals of the policies. This is done by disseminating knowledge and training techniques to both policymakers and practitioners, so that policy prescriptions and implementations can move in tandem.


Monitoring & Post Delivery Support

We emphasise on qualitative modus operandi, such as Analysis of processes and narratives, Data, Learning through Blended Learning Trajectories, Outcome Mapping, and the Most Significant Change. Result assessments are combined with innovative tacks for Monitoring and Post Delivery Support.

About Us

Pro-active 'Doers' &
Policy Entrepreneurs

RightWalk Foundation (RWF) aims at realizing institutional social change through Public Policy intervention across the policy value chain. Our approach focuses on accomplishing an Equitable, Inclusive and Socially Just society through Policy Advocacy, Capacity Building and Efficient Delivery by engaging with System Leadership, Lawmakers and Communities. As a pro-active ‘Doers’ & ‘Policy’ Entrepreneur, RightWalk emphasizes on institutional reforms through public policy intervention across policy value chain. Being one of the youngest 'Policy Entrepreneur' organization in the state, RightWalk has been featured in forbes, NDTV India, HIndustan Times and several other media channels as an organization Pushing Policy Reforms. In support of its vision, RightWalk serves as a path-breaking knowledge outfit committed towards making positive contribution in the development of inclusive society across the nation.


RightWalk by the numbers

Right To Education Section 12.1.C

Over 95,000 children from Economically Weaker Section & Disadvantaged Group have been admitted in private schools across Uttar Pradesh in last 4 years


Social Inclusion in Private Schools

Conducted workshops in 9 districts in collaboration with the U.P. State Government and UNICEF, training over 1700 private school educators


Capacity Building of System Leaders

Conducted capacity building sessions across 25+ districts for District Administration, Govt. Officials in Education Dept., educators and patrner organisations

The Story

of Uttar Pradesh so far...


Online Applications Received


Children Enrolled in pvt. schools under RTE


Private Schools received Admissions


Policy Wins

Who we are

Policy Entrepreneurs ushering to institutional reform

As a non-profit, independent Policy Entrepreneurship organization, RightWalk is committed to advancing broader understanding of critical issues affecting the nation at large. RightWalk takes a holistic approach towards adoption of policies and programs that promote equitable, inclusive and socially just society. Towards that goal, RightWalk facilitates an interactive and consultative process for the stakeholders so that the engagement is open, transparent, and participative. Ensuing are RightWalk's approaches:

  • Advocacy Efforts

    The policies, standards, and practices RightWalk advocates for are based on research and evidence. Our advocacy efforts are focused on driving implementation of existing policies. Our issue-driven advocacy is conducted directly with policymakers, stakeholders, and community at large.

  • Breaking Barriers

    We advocate for policies, practices and systems that promote full and inclusive participation. We confront biases that create barriers and limits an individual based on caste, creed, religion, sex or socio-economic differences

  • Collaboration

    We share leadership and responsibility in our work with others. We commit time and effort to ensure diverse participation and more effective outcomes. We act with integrity, respect, and trust.


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steps to success

07 Dec 2017

Policy Framework for Pvt. Schools

Co-create a regulatory framework for education providers guided by international human rights obligations

06 Feb 2016

Social Inclusion Workshop

Introducing RTE to the larger audience and reimagining classrooms by talking about importance of inclusion

12 Jan 2015

My School My Voice

Creating social accountability system around schools by envisaging students as key change makers




In and around RightWalk

RTE Lottery Result: 2018

The State collected allotted a total of 40,687 seats in unaided non-minority private schools across Uttar Pradesh to applicants under section 12.1.c of the RTE Act.

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At TEDx IIM Ranchi

Samina Bano, Director, RightWalk Foundation, was recently invited as speaker at TEDx IIM Ranchi, where she spoke about Social Inclusion while sharing her experiences.

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India's Top Ed Influencer

Samina Bano, Director, RightWalk, was featured by SCOO NEWS as one among India's top Ed Influencers from acroess the nation, trying to build India's school of the future.

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